Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 2, 2014

Some roses never go out of season

Rev. Milton Gardner

— One of my favorite singers of all time is Ken Medema. He has been in concert in Thomasville in years past, but now lives in California. Medema is blind. He travels and performs by himself. He is a most amazing person.

My favorite song among his compositions is “Bring me  a Rose in the Wintertime.” A part of the first stanza says, “Bring me a rose in the wintertime when they are hard to find. I have roses on my mind.”

I suspect a number of local rosarians have roses on their minds. They are pruning, fertilizing and, in general, cleaning up the dormant bushes. It will be a few more weeks before we see any homegrown roses.

The theme of Medema’s song suggests the longing we have when things are scarce or out of season. I would really like to have a tree-ripened peach from the groves in Barney, but one would be impossible to find, although I  have some frozen ones.

To carry this theme to what I believe the artist is saying, I interpret our souls’ desire for kindness, love and care to never go out of season. We have the rush of Christmas, perhaps an occasional birthday remembrance, but too often people who need to be remembered sit waiting for a phone call, a card in the mail, an invitation to meet and fellowship.

The heart cries out for a rose in the wintertime when they are hard to find. I think of many persons to whom I could bring a rose — an out-of-season visit, a hug, a prayer or a card saying, “I’m thinking of you.” It could be your wife, or mother or a child away from home. Some roses are never out of season.