Thomasville Times Enterprise

December 26, 2013

Reflect on greatness of Creator

Tara Wentworth
Associated Press

— If you have never  thought about the greatness of our Creator, God, all you have to do is take some time to observe those things around you that reflect some aspect of His amazing creativity.  No artist on this earth could ever “hold a candle” next to Him! 

As I have traveled around the world, I have seen some incredible sunsets and sunrises — over oceans, mountains, lakes, fields, etc. But I probably have never seen one much prettier than right here in Thomasville a few months ago!

I was driving and had to pull over to the side of the road and capture it on my phone's camera. I have sent texts of it to friends and hopefully “saved” it for the future.

I have experienced some extreme landscapes over the years — the beauty of raw Alaska, living in the Caribbean, the deserts and pyramids of Egypt, snow-encrusted mountains while skiing in California and North Carolina.

But right here in Thomasville, I actually took the time to count the varieties of wildflowers within my normal walking distance from my house, both in the spring and in the fall. More than 25 varieties in the spring and 15-16 in the fall. Each one unique in color, size, intricacy.  In talking to a botanist whose specialty was cactus, he told me there were hundreds of varieties of cactus, some never yet seen by a human eye (he has discovered a number of them that are named after him!) And that is just one species of plant!

I have seen pictures of the northern lights, but never able to see them while visiting Alaska. I have seen pictures of some of the parts of our ever-expanding galaxy that just cause me to pause in wonder and amazement.

I have also seen pictures of things so small that they have to be magnified many times for the eye to see. Did you know that every snow flake is so incredibly intricate and geometrically perfect and  that no two flakes are just alike.

Not only that, but some look like crystals, some like you might picture a flake to look like (lacey, fine, bejeweled), some just “out of this world.”

I know so very little about music, but the variety of music, the numerous instruments upon which this music can be expressed, the science behind sound is so absolutely intricate and mind boggling that I can appreciate those who are gifted to express themselves through this medium without having much understanding.

The greatest expression of music was actually built in to a created being named Lucifer who thought more highly of himself than his Creator.

It caused him to try to usurp that place of highest honor because he was a being of such beauty created to worship God and lead others into that place of honor and worship to our Creator, God. No wonder he has tried to pervert this wonderful medium of artistic expression.

And then there are all the unique human beings, each one as different as each snowflake, grain of sand or fingerprint are unique to one another.  Even identical twins have much that differs from the other sibling when observed and interviewed.

What kind of God is this Creator of ours?  From a chihuahua to a great dane, from a minnow to a whale, from hummingbird to the great soaring eagle — from a giraffe to a hippo, from a mouse to an elephant.

Out of a tiny acorn grows a mighty oaks tree.  From a small sapling grows the mighty redwood trees that you can literally drive a car through when they mature. From one kernel of corn comes a whole stalk with several hundred kernels on the ears of corn produced.

I could go on and on and on. You don't have to travel far and wide, nor do you have to be a gifted, talented musician or artist to appreciate our wonderful Creator, God.

Take some time as we conclude this year to reflect on the greatness of our magnificent Creator.  Join with the psalmist is declaring: “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised. His greatness is unsearchable.!”