Thomasville Times Enterprise

April 10, 2014

Ponder Jesus’ last words

Tara Wentworth

— Several weeks ago, I wrote about pondering the fact of how fragile life is and posed the question to ask yourself and meditate on — “If this was your last day on earth, what would you do with it?” I mentioned that I would probably be more careful about what comes out of my mouth, for one thing!  I would hope that I would choose my words carefully and speak those things that were important and dear to my heart to those with whom I was closest.  Small talk and joking would probably not be a part of our conversations.

On the final night Jesus was alive in His “earth suit,” He had some very specific things to say to His disciples. He knew that these words would probably impact them more than any of the three previous years they had been with Him, although He promised them that Holy Spirit would bring all of His words to their remembrance at the right time. These were very important words He was about to speak to them.

Three entire chapters in John's gospel are devoted to these last words He shared with His disciples. He knew that He would no longer be physically present with them, but let them know that they would have a new instructor, the precious Holy Spirit, who would represent His thoughts, just like Jesus had perfectly represented His Father. Whereas they could see and touch the physical Jesus, He would instruct them how to follow an invisible leader they couldn't see, couldn't audibly hear or physically touch. 

It is interesting that when Jesus used the word “another” when He was talking about Holy Spirit, He used the word that meant “one of the same kind.”  A second Greek word for another means “one of a different kind.” Holy Spirit would be like and represent Jesus exactly, in every way, the way Jesus represented His Father while living here on this earth amongst them. The only difference between Jesus and Holy Spirit was the fact that One was visible here on this earth, One is not. Jesus said of Himself, when Philip asked Him to show them the Father, “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.”  According to Hebrews 1:3 Jesus was the exact likeness of His Father, reflecting every aspect of His divine nature and character, to those here on earth.

Much of the church does not recognize Holy Spirit for who He really is. He is the Spirit of the Living God. He lives inside of each person who has acknowledged Jesus as their Savior and He wants to reveal Jesus to us and through us, to a lost world. If the church was a living example of the character and nature of God, through the power of Holy Spirit living in us and demonstrating every aspect of God, the world would embrace Him gladly. 

Take some time to ponder these last words of Jesus. We will be celebrating His Resurrection in a few days. He paid such a price for us, that we could live free from eternal condemnation. His precious Spirit will teach us all that we need to know both while we are living here on this earth and in the life to come.