Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 1, 2014

America is in a moral mess

Rev. Milton Gardner

— The Bible is a controversial book. The teachings of the Bible are in direct opposition to that which many people practice in this era. Either thousands of this generation do not believe the Scriptures, or they totally ignore the consequences  of their lifestyle.

How has this modern mindset evolved into a full-blown rebellion of divine truth? Often, the blame falls on Hollywood and the effect of the media on the minds of today’s boys and girls, men and women. It is quite obvious that animal instincts and immorality is a steady diet streaming into millions of homes in America. The perversion of the plain and common sense teachings God inspired are nothing more than a religious placebo for those exposed to, but rejecting its core values.

Not only is the media to be indicted; but, perhaps, we the people who have tolerated and elected public officials who approve, encourage and legalize a plethora of sinful practices should be indicted as well.

You may think I’m referencing homosexual behavior. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Legalizing homosexual marriage is no worse than glorifying heterosexual activity outside of marriage with the opposite sex. It is all sin. Living together, unmarried with sexual privileges is wrong. The Bible says so.

Gambling is a sin. It matters not that the profits are for a good cause. It is breaking the commandment which states, “Thou shalt not covet.” It means we should not strive to obtain something that we have not earned at the expense of the loss of another human being.

Is there any hope for generations yet unborn? As I see it, the only hope is the home. Our churches have failed to deter the kind of behavior being practiced today. Our mothers and fathers must turn the tide by teaching children right from wrong and modeling the moral and ethical values they know are right. Respect for the Bible is in short supply until our government comes to its senses and returns Bible teaching and prayer to the classroom of all public schools.

I share these thoughts because I care. If you do not agree, so be it. The fact remains that we are in a moral mess in America and the judge of all the ages will make the final decision on how to deal with his rebellious children.