Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 8, 2014

Mother’s love for Lord is strong

Tara Wentworth

— My mom celebrated her 89th birthday this week. She started receiving greeting cards earlier in the week and then the day of, many text messages and a few phone calls, some flowers and gifts, as well as dinner at her favorite restaurant. 

When I grow up I want to be like her.  Having observed a number of family, friends and acquaintances, I have noticed that not everyone ages “gracefully.” I have commented on this more than once, but it bears repeating.

I think of the principle “what you take in, is who you become.” Healthwise, I know that the better (healthier) you eat, all other things being equal, the more chance you have of living your later years with more quality of life. This is also true of what you take in through your eye gate and your ear gate. Everything we take in to ourselves becomes a part of our thinking, reasoning, etc.

My mom has remained sweet and her love for the Lord just seems to get stronger as time goes by.

She has always let us know that even though her birthday is usually only a few days from Mother's Day, that they are two different celebrations that need to be celebrated individually.  All of us get to celebrate a birthday each year, but not everyone of us is a mother.  Even though there are no “perfect” mothers, some have done a better job of representing what motherhood should be.  My mother was a good example to me and my siblings and both of my sisters have followed her example well. 

Each of us will leave a legacy of our lives — what we have accomplished, who we have impacted by our lives, that may affect many generations to come.  I was recently reminded of one such woman — Susanna Wesley, the wife of a minister and mother to John and Charles Wesley.

Although she was not able to follow her heart's desire to serve the Lord herself, outside of the home, she was such a godly example to her children, that they have impacted probably millions through their music and methodology (Methodists).

Her “prayer closet” was a rocking chair in the kitchen. When she was ready to have her time with the Lord, she simply pulled her apron up over her head and her children knew this was the time for them to quiet down and not disturb her until she finished.

My mom has spent daily time with the Lord for 50 years now.  When she taught school, she would rise way before dawn to have her time with her Lord and Savior.  Fifty years of that kind of “diet” has proven to be a good investment of her time and energy.

All of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren know that she loves God.  Not all of them have chosen to follow Him — yet. Her daily prayer is for their salvation and that each one would fulfill the destiny that the Lord has planned for them from before the foundations of this world.

It concerns her greatly when one of them is making unwise choices that not only affect their life, but the lives of other family members and friends. 

In a world that has blurred the lines of honesty, truth, integrity and all the wholesome attributes that make up a society of people, she and others like her stand as a beacon of light and hope.  Like the lighthouse during a stormy, turbulent voyage, those who choose the path of light and life will leave a lasting legacy.