Thomasville Times Enterprise

October 31, 2013

Refreshing to know new not always better

Rev. Milton Gardner

— It seems that many people are looking for something new. I do not mean new things, but new ideas, new philosophies, new religions, new moralities and way of living. It has occurred to me that some of our old ways were better ways.

I did not live in the Hoover days and Herbert Hoover was not one of our most popular presidents, but I really like and admire his insights into what is valuable in human character:

“There are some old things that made this country. There is the old virtue of religious faith. There are the old virtues of integrity and the whole truth. There is the old virtue of incorruptible service and honor in public office. There are the old virtues of economy in government, of self-reliance, thrift and individual liberty. There are the old virtues of patriotism, real love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it. These old ideas are very inexpensive. They even would help to win hot and cold wars. I realize that such suggestions will raise the cuss word, reactionary. But some of these old things are slipping badly in American life. And if they slip too far, the lights will go out of America, even if we win these cold and hot wars.” — Herbert Hoover.

It is refreshing to become acquainted with younger people today who are wise enough to recognize that new is not necessarily better and often is but a symptom of a drift away from the high standards of our older generation.