Thomasville Times Enterprise

November 30, 2013

Overcoming individual circumstances

Tara Wentworth

— Most of us are probably not living up to our highest potential. We can blame it on life circumstances, our parents, our gene pool, our handicap — any number of things that could potentially limit what we think we are capable of accomplishing.

I can think of a number of people who have overcome their own individual circumstances and, perhaps, because of that seemingly negative situation have tried even harder to reach for the the highest goals that many in similar circumstances would have used as an excuse for failure.

I imagine each one of them have had their times of frustration and setbacks, but something within them kept them moving forward toward that “inner something” that was calling them to become the person of excellence that they ultimately became.

Joni Erickson Tada is a great example to all of us.  She allowed a tragic diving accident to become her launching pad to her potential. An accomplished artist, singer and writer, she has inspired thousands.

Nic Vujiicic is another hero of mine. Born with no arms and no legs, he continuously challenged himself to new adventures. He is quite an athlete, having experienced far more than most non-handicapped people would ever attempt.

He also met the love of his life and is not only happily married, but has recently had the joy of watching his wife give birth to their first child, a son. He writes and speaks before thousands and has challenged those who may have had negative life experiences to reach for their full potential and not allow their adverse circumstances to hold them back from accomplishing everything they were created to do.

We also have some local heroes.  Sara Taylor spoke at our church a few weeks ago on orphan Sunday.  A Russian-born handicapped orphan who had little chance of survival in her adverse circumstances  was adopted by a loving couple here in Thomasville.

Not only has she grown into a beautiful young lady, she is using her life story as an advocate for our local adoption agency with whom she is employed.

There are many of other examples from history that I could mentioned who have never allowed their adverse life circumstances to keep them from reaching their potential.  Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, John Milton and Ludwig von Beethoven all had handicaps that could have prevented them from being a blessing to millions of people.

When we do blame or use those adverse circumstances and never really accomplish what the Lord had planned for us, we not only rob ourselves, but perhaps many others,who would have benefited from our story and our talents.

Each of these three examples I have given have one thing in common. Although their life circumstances varied, they all were believers and have attributed their successes in life to the Lord.

Truly Jesus is our inspiration. He was born to poor peasant parents from a lowly village. He never traveled a great distance from His own home. He died at the young age of 33, virtually unknown at that time beyond His own small nation, and yet all of history has been affected by His life and example.

Not only those who call Him Savior but many who have yet to acknowledge Him highly respect His teachings and His life.

Believe what the scriptures state — “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” Believe it for yourself.