Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 5, 2009

Thomasville/Thomas County crime report


n Levi Knight, 20, Dixie, loud and unnecessary noise.

n George Banks, 45, Ochlocknee, driving under the influence, driving while license suspended, no proof of liability insurance, safety belt violation.

n Alexander Hartsfield, 17, Thomasville, disorderly conduct.

n Tammie Wicham, 27, Thomasville, theft by shoplifting.

n Clinton McHaney, 22, Thomasville, theft by shoplifting.

n Ashley Hurst, 23, Thomasville, theft by shoplifting.

n Gary Hurst, 29, Thomasville, theft by shoplifting.

n Ada King, 50, Thomasville, DUI.

n Jefferson Phillips Harvard, 43, Thomasville, felony marijuana possession, firearm possession by a convicted felon.

n Eric Hudson, 21, Thomasville, possession of stolen vehicle, DUI.

n Phaedra Flanders, 26, Thomasville, hindering lawful pursuits, creating a disturbance.

n Brian Bryant, 20, Thomasville, damage to property.

n Travis Jackson, 19, Thomasville, disorderly conduct.

n Tiffany Biggins, 28, Thomasville, creating a disturbance, interfering with an officer.

n Corrienna Gosier, 29, Thomasville, creating a disturbance, interfering with an officer.

n Alfred Cole, 26, Thomasville, resisting arrest, creating a disturbance, public profanity.

n Ellery Spralding, 32, Thomasville, simple battery (family violence), cruelty to children (family violence).

n Christopher Earl Cox, 40, Thomasville, battery (family violence).

n Tawanna Nedita Sparrow, 22, Whigham, DUI, misdemeanor marijuana possession, driving while license suspended, revoked, giving false name/information to police, speeding.

n Stephen Lee Coulter, 22, Thomasville, DUI, violation of open container law, following too closely.

n John Edgar Dozier, 49, Cairo, driving while license suspended/revoked, no liability insurance.

n Pablo Hernandez Garcia, 33, Thomasville, probation violation.

n Luis Roberto Santana, 42, Meigs, criminal trespass, public drunk.

n Diego Perez, 19, Barwick, speeding, no liability insurance, driving without license, improper tag display.

n Melvin Delano Sadler, 26, Boston, probation violation.

n Heidi J. Sloan, 29, Thomasville, no liability insurance, expired registration.

n Clay Brooks Maddox, 32, Resaca, criminal attempt to commit theft by taking.

n Bernard Michael Hill, 42, Thomasville, theft by taking.

n Flocell Conney Jr., 55, Meigs, disorderly conduct.

n Ayanna Tierney Williams, 20, Stone Mountain, no tag.

n Christopher Carl Cook, 37, Boston, passing worthless check.

n Bridgett Jones, 17, Thomasville, criminal trespass.

n Tonkevious Felton, 24, Thomasville, damage to property, striking another.

n Roderick Dawson, 31, Thomasville, DUI, driving while unlicensed, no proof of liability insurance, endangering lawful pursuits by fleeing, open container.

n Billy Kelly, 26, Thomasville, felony obstruction.

n Earl Thompson, 56, Thomasville, creating a disturbance.

n Larry Thompson, 52, Thomasville, endangering lawful pursuits, creating a disturbance.

Juan Bautista, 43, Thomasville, child safety seat violation, safety belt violation.

n Bernard Michael Hill, 42, Thomasville, theft by taking.

n Curtis Douglas, 37, Thomasville, criminal trespass.

n Ruben Hutchins, 44, Thomasville, creating a disturbance.

n Milton Andrew McCoy, 26, Boston, disorderly conduct.

n Charlie Dunbar III, Thomasville, DUI, speeding, violation of open container law.

n Selensia Nicole Thomas, 29, Thomasville, battery (family violence).

n Ricky Charles Rice, 49, Thomasville, disorderly conduct, obstruction of officers, fleeing or attempting to elude.

n Martin Jim Stevenson, 47, Coolidge, harassing phone calls.

n Christopher Tyrone Jones, 36, Meigs, battery (family violence), cruelty to children.

n Christopher Lynn Jackson, 48, Thomasville, four counts disposal of dead animals, livestock running at large.

n Tameka Quannlle Sharp, 27, Thomasville, disorderly conduct.

n Stephanie Lynn Scott, 19, Havana, Fla., driving while license suspended/revoked, speeding.

n Michael Joe Bradshaw Jr., 31, Thomasville, two counts deposit account fraud, driving while license suspended/revoked.

n Christopher Randal Lodge, 23, Whigham, public drunk.

n Patricia Ann Stroud, 27, Boston, disorderly conduct.

n Santaneika Felton, 20, Thomasville, burglary.

n Kurt Alen Sherman, 19, Thomasville, DUI, driving while license suspended/revoked, defective equipment, no liability insurance.

n Robert Lee Brown, 50, Meigs, harassing phone calls.

n Tommie Lee Mitchell, 21, Thomasville, burglary.

n Angela Maria Prater, 43, Stockbridge, attempt to commit financial identity fraud.

n Darius Kentrell Lee, 27, Valdosta, probation violation.

n Larry Lamont Toles, 29, burglary, parole violation.

n Fredrick Connel Copeland, 50, Meigs, public drunk.

n Alfred Wilora Hires, 42, Coolidge, aggravated assault.

n Edward Henry Scott, 38, Melbourne, Fla., driving while license suspended/revoked, seat belt violation.

n Shannon Bobby Pride, 29, Augusta, parole violation.

n Jonnie Lee Osborn, 44, Thomasville, DUI, speeding.

n Robert Alvin Ceasar, 42, Thomasville, probation violation.


l Broad and Clay streets, theft.

l 15000 block U.S. 19 South, theft.

l 15000 block U.S. 19 South, crowd.

l Jerger and Young streets, burglary.

l 1300 block West Jackson Street, forgery.

l 2000 block East Pine Tree Boulevard, forgery.

l 100 block Hambleton Street, theft.

l 100 block Holland Street, disturbance.

l 100 block Bosser Avenue, invasion of privacy.

l 300 block Caitlin Lane, fraudulent activity.

l 300 block Tuxedo Drive, burglary.

l 300 block North Dawson Street, property damage.

l 15000 block U.S. 19 South, harassing communication.

l 100 block Imperial Drive, burglary.

l 600 block East Clay Street, public peace.

l 100 block Hambleton Street, public peace.

l 1300 block Warner Avenue, assault.

l 1500 block Summerhill Road, terroristic threats and acts.

l 100 block Wilora’s Lane, harassing phone calls.

l 200 block Henderson Street, burglary.

l 600 block Old Albany Road, property damage.

l 1800 block East Clay Street, battery.

l 500 block Raleigh Avenue, theft.

l 800 block East Walcott Street, property damage.

l 300 block Fern Street, theft.

l 1400 block Remington Avenue, suspicious activity.

l 1300 block Warner Drive, obstructing police.

l 1200 block Magnolia Street, obstructing.

l 400 block Metcalf Avenue, theft.

l 500 block North Martin Luther King Drive, obstructing police.

l 100 block Winslow Drive, burglary.

l 400 block Horrix Street, invasion of privacy.

l 100 block Eagles Landing Drive, assault.

l 1000 block East Jackson Street, assault.

l 200 block Sanford Heights, disorderly conduct.

l Inman Lane, burglary.

l Magnolia Road, miscellaneous incident.

l 700 block East Pine Tree Boulevard, drugs.

l 1100 block West Jackson Street, public peace.

l 1300 block Warner Avenue, suspicious circumstances.

l 14000 block U.S. 19 South, suspicious circumstances.

l U.S. 19 South at Colonial Drive, liquor law violation.

l Hopkins Street, theft.

1000 block Glenwood Drive, found property.

l 100 block Old Albany Road, public peace.

l West Calhoun and Pine streets, property damage.

l 100 block Brookwood Chase, criminal damage to property.

l 100 block Pine Lane, battery (family violence).

l 900 block Smith Avenue, harassing phone calls.

l 500 block Foxcroft Drive, criminal trespass.

l 400 block South Pine tree Boulevard, theft by taking.

l 4600 block County Line Road, miscellaneous investigation.

l 800 block Stage Road, public drunk.

l 300 block Show Boat Lane, burglary.

l 200 block Old Boston Road, simple battery.

l 1100 block West Harris Street, Pavo, theft by taking.

l 900 block Smith Avenue, disorderly conduct.

l 1500 block Sanford Road, burglary.

l 100 block Wanora’s Lane, aggravated assault.