Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 6, 2014

Thomasville-Thomas County Jan. 7


n Charles Randell Bryant, Thomasville, manufacture/sell/dispense/distribute hydrocodone.

n Alfreda Phylisa Gatlin, Thomasville, theft by shoplifting.

n Jack Anthony Chastain, Ochlocknee, probation violation.

n Dennard Wyche, Thomasville, driving while license suspended/revoked.

n Joseph Chance Slater, Monticello, Fla., theft by taking.

n Stephen Dewey Hudson, Thomasville, probation violation.

n Mary Lee Bell, Thomasville, probation violation.

n Chad Johnson, Boston, terroristic threats and acts.

n Christopher Ryshon Johnson, Meigs, simple battery (family violence), criminal trespass, two counts cruelty to child.

n Carlos Montez Smith, Thomasville, child support arrest.

n Ronnie Jerome Mills, Thomasville, probation violation.

n Clark Randall Stripling, Pavo, probation violation.

n Tamiko Shantrell Clayton, Thomasville, probation violation, affray, felony marijuana possession, loud music from vehicle, obstruction of officers, driving while license suspended/revoked.

n Adrian Rahsard Davis, Dixie, probation violation.

n Roakethia Cook, Thomasville, failure to appear.

n Paul Michael Bruce, Boston, parole violation.

n Latrone Hadley, Thomasville, three counts child support arrest.

n Horace Leanis Jones, Ochlocknee, probation violation.

n Travis Williams, Ochlocknee, simple assault (family violence), two counts cruelty to children, interfering with call for emergency help.

n Tangee Lenice Cain, Thomasville, probation violation.

n Dwann Nershell Baynard, Thomasville, compulsory school attendance.

n William Howard Collier, Ochlocknee, firearm possession by a convicted felon.

n Michael Hightower Jr., Boston, obstruction of officer, obstruct/hinder emergency medical technician, driving under the influence, driving while license suspended/revoked, no seat belt, failure to maintain lane, no liability insurance equipment requirement.

n Michael Lawrence Thompson, Thomasville, public drunk.

n Steven Lamar Green, Thomasville, simple assault, obstruction of law enforcement.

n Cheryl Lynn Kinsey, Thomasville, theft by shoplifting.

n Jimmy Lee Mitchell, Thomasville, battery (family violence).

n Randall O’Quinn Simon, driving without license, tag light requirement.

n Antwan Antonio Smith, Thomasville, public profanity.

n Richard Lee Alvarado, Cairo, theft by shoplifting.

n Dustin Lee Amerson, Monticello, Fla., cutting and striking another.

n Worthen Thomas Amerson, Monticello, Fla., cutting and striking another.

n Christopher Lamar Williams, Thomasville, underage consumption.

n John Anthony Reyes, Thomasville, cocaine possession, misdemeanor marijuana possession, DUI, must apply for new license within 60 days of change of address/state residency, taillight residency, possession of drug-related object.

n Jessica Blaire McGrotha, Thomasville, criminal trespass.

n Keith Radrelle Davis, Pavo, driving while license suspended/revoked, theft by taking.

n Paul Jones Green III, Thomasville, misdemeanor marijuana possession.

n Darenzo Chambers, Thomasville, probation violation.

n Sarah Elizabeth Ross, Thomasville, burglary.

n Simeon Hetmelindo Perez, Moultrie, driving without license, speeding.

n Dereack Denard Walker, Tifton, probation violation.

n Crystal Gail Windham, Stone Mountain, probation violation.

n James John Leroy Shimkus, Thomasville, improper tag display, no liability insurance, driving while license suspended/revoked, driving vehicle when registration suspended/revoked.

n Matthew James Champion, Thomasville, financial transaction card fraud.

n David Lee Connell, Dothan, Ala., failure to appear.

n David Arline Jr., Camilla, probation violation.

n Lynn Dunbar, Boston, obstruction of officers, loud music from vehicle.

n Jamal Reshard Spry, Thomasville, probation violation.

n George Anthony Head, Thomasville, no liability insurance, driving vehicle when registration suspended/revoked, seatbelt violation, driving without license.

n Anthony Victor Rhames, Thomasville, theft by taking.

n Antonio Darrel Hardy, Jacksonville, Fla., driving without license.

n Justin Antonio Mitchell, Thomasville, failure to appear.

n Lana Moore Layton, Meigs, theft by taking.

n Joseph Sculley, Boston, driving while license suspended/revoked.

n Derrick Lee Brinson, Thomasville, probation violation.

n Ronald Jerome Wyche, Thomasville, DUI, headlights required, violation of open container law.

n Christopher Kent Saturday, Thomasville, DUI.

n Ricky Lee Pittman Jr., Thomasville, driving while license suspended/revoked, no seat belt.

n Brandon Rayford Bush, Tucker, misdemeanor marijuana possession.

n Thomas Wellman Greist, Thomasville, simple assault (family violence).

n Quentin Addison Jr., Thomasville, misdemeanor marijuana possession.

n James Thomas Combs, Thomasville, criminal trespass.

n Antonio Darnell Jackson, Moultrie, driving while license suspended/revoked.

n Manuel Ellijio Trujillo, Thomasville, probation violation.

n Montoya Bryant, Albany, theft by conversion.