Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 23, 2014

Rant & Rave for Jan. 24


— “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was more liberal than President Obama and Al Sharpton put together.”

“I live in Meigs and I think we do need help. I wish the law enforcement officers from Thomasville would come up here and clean the drugs off the streets. We are going down, down, down.”

“Georgia could go a long way toward losing it's abysmal reputation as being a stuffy, holier-than-thou, rather stupid state by taking the reasonable step of decriminalizing marijuana.”

“I guess you at TTE were so proud of your front page story about the pot bust the other day. To many of us, it's just further proof of a failed, stupid policy.”

“Randy, those booms obviously could not have been Republicans’ minds being blown. That would be a noise similar to a snap and pop. Just wanted to eliminate that from the possible causes. But along those lines, perhaps it was their logic about government blowing up in their faces.”

“Thanks for that column, Randy. It was a good laugh. I heard it in Ochlocknee, too, but I thought it was my boss' head exploding in town when she saw the power bill. As for my dog, well, I'll just have to keep an eye on him.”

“Why do we need government regulations that are enforced? Ask West Virginians. No regulations. No inspections. No clean water for hundreds of thousands of people. Major chemical accidents in the same area for the second time in five years.”

“I n the big scheme of things, the Rattlesnake Roundup can’t have a very big impact on the environment.”

“I enjoy reading about what our students are doing in academic areas. That is what’s most important.”