Thomasville Times Enterprise

February 20, 2014

Rant & Rave for Feb. 21


— “Please read Lee Hamilton’s column whenever it appears on the editorial page. You will get a good look at how government should function and why it malfunctions. It is well worth your time.”

“When you can hear some woman cussing her kids from halfway across the store, there's no surprise they come to school prepared to do what mama does.”

“Is there really too much ranting about 'what somebody else is doing?' Would you watch TV about what you are doing? Neither would we.”

“Thank you, Susan Hehn, Jerry Turner and Carol Jones. Many Thomasville citizens feel the same as you.”

“Rev. Jones’ article caught my eye. He credits Macbeth with a line from ‘Hamlet.’ Why didn't the Shakespearian scholars come out of the woodwork in protest? I know the answer. They probably don't read this paper.”

“I'm very politely wish to say to the person who thinks progressive Democrats are communist: If I'm a communist, then the Republican Party is fascist, but I'm smart enough to know that it is not. You should be smart enough to know that we're not communist. If caring for the poor, the elderly, and the neglected makes you a communist, then I'm confused between communism and an liberal American.”

“To the editor of Rant and Rave: Why do you print racist statements? The ranter that said Democrats are communist is a racist. Why do you print stuff like that? That means you are racist.”