Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 8, 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Change needed in November


— What is a Democrat?

The answer is: One who supports the goals of the Democratic Party.

And what has that agenda become? Well, let’s see.

Under President Obama, America now owes $18 trillion and her shoulders are groaning under the burden — and Democrats are not concerned.

Obamacare continues to add to that burden, while our disabled from the military wait more than a year to receive disability payments.

In Benghazi, our diplomat and three of our bravest are allowed no aid and are killed by al-Qaida. We are promised an investigation, but nothing comes of it. Democrats hope you forget in November 2016.

Obama promises a speedy investigation of the IRS’ stonewalling of tax-exempt applications from opponent organizations, but nothing happens but stonewalling — and Democrats rejoice.

Iran continues to thumb its nose at America as it works on the bomb. North Korea threatens its neighbors and America. The Middle East is in ferment. China flexes its muscles. Russia invades Ukraine and Obama decides it is time to further drastically reduce our armed forces. And Democrats go, “Ho hum, all is well.”

Obama declares al-Qaida destroyed, and Democrats applaud. Our borders are less secure than ever and al-Qaida sleeper cells continue to bore into our communities; and Democrats, after all this, may — at long last — be beginning to show some reluctance to jump when told to by their Democrat-in-charge. (It’s amazing how word gets around that John Q. Public just isn’t buying what they have been selling and that a smiling face doesn’t wipe out facts.)

And on the local level, one should take a note from the defeat of the Trojans as the Greeks tricked them with a gift into leaving their city’s defenses wide open to attack, while they slept, believing all was well because the invading Greeks apparently wanted to become friendly. From this came the wise saying, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

In November, please gives us change, Lord. (And whenever the Democrats have been successful in keeping voters at the polls from having to prove they are citizens and who there are, at least make the dead stay in their graves so they, too, don’t vote, vote and vote.)

Jack Pope