Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 10, 2014

Rant & Rave for March 11


— “The conflicts and wars that are happening now have always happened. People need to shut up and let the experts do the job that they have been voted in to do — especially, you, Randy Young.”

“Why do you blame President Obama for the jobless situation when it is Republicans closing businesses and laying people off?”

“Jack Pope, do you know anybody who voted who is dead? If you do, let everybody know. Quit making all these racists statements.”

“I  just got through reading Sunday’s paper. I don’t know when I have enjoyed reading our paper so much. The editorial page and the story on Three Toms Inn were excellent. I think they need to rebuild Three Toms. What do you think?”

“Rev. Jones, your president is always making excuses. He blames President Bush, Republicans or somebody else. He is always blaming someone else for his actions.”

“The disrespect against presidents started with George W. Bush. I didn’t hear you complaining then. I think what is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

“That is an excellent letter, Mr. Pope. I would make one minor change in it, though. Instead of praying to God for change, why don’t we pray to God for guidance and then we can go make the change?”