Thomasville Times Enterprise

February 19, 2014

TU softball prepares for lengthy hiatus

Daniel Kramer


Thomas softball may be the midst of a 12-day break until it visits Auburn-Montgomery next Friday, but coach Bill Willson assures that the team is not on a break.

“We’re going to practice just about every day, it’s just that we won’t be playing in games,” Wilson said. “There’s only about one weekend, maybe two, the whole season that we don’t play, so we’re used to this.”

“Once it gets going, it just goes. And it seems like it’s gone before you know it,” Wilson said.

The Lady Night Hawks are 5-8 through the first two weeks of their 12 week slate.

Wilson is pleased with how they’ve responded after starting 1-6, though he insists his team was never in a slump.

Thomas has been outscored just 76-70 this season.

“We just didn’t execute one or two plays in a few of those games and that cost us,” he said. 

Wilson gauged that he’s played roughly 19 girls per game to find the right lineup.

So far, the Thomas bats have improved since their early season losses, and are now up to a .283  team average.

The Lady Night Hawks spent all of Wednesday working on batting.

Pitching has been adequate, though not where Wilson wants it as the Lady Night Hawks eye the thick of conference play.

Thomas opponents are hitting .314 through 13 games.

“Pitching has done good. We’re getting there,” Wilson said. “We’re going to get better and better as time goes on.”

Wilson maintains that the focus going forward is solely on qualifying for the Sun Conference Tournament, which accepts the top six teams. The winner of the playoff earns an automatic berth in the national tournament.

“Once you make conference, you control everything from there,” Wilson said. “That’s what our goal is.”

“I have a great group and they work really hard. I’m proud of the way they’re playing.”

After next Friday’s doubleheader, the Lady Night Hawks host their home opener on March 2 against Coastal Georgia – a full month since the start of the season.