Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 13, 2014

Rant & Rave for May 14


— “Those that were angry over the NFL player being happy should be ashamed.”

“To the people that were so offended by the gay NFL player celebrating with his partner: Either open your mind and be more accepting of someone that is different from you, don't watch or move to Russia where it's illegal to be LGBT.”

“Remember when leftists used to make fun of Christians for being narrow-minded and intolerant?”

“I just want to thank the person that returned my debit card.”

“It is something that some of those Republicans out there are talking crazy. The scary thing is that people are voting for them and putting them in office. That’s why we are at a stalemate. We have no jobs bill because Republicans have been voted in who don’t want to see President Obama succeed.”

“Rev. Jones, I can’t believe — with all the unemployment and problems that we have in America — that your president has time to call and congratulate a gay football player who was kissing his boyfriend. You are supposed to be a preacher. Is this the kind of behavior that you think a president should support? I certainly hope not.”

“I know this won’t get printed, but seeing a man kiss his boyfriend on TV ain’t no different that reading all the garbage that is in Rant and Rave everyday.”

“The federal government has released 36,000 convicted immigrants — 116 for homicide. What is the president thinking, Rev. Jones?”

“Karl Rove is playing dirty pool by suggesting that Hillary Clinton has brain damage.”

“Donald Sterling needs to just shut up. While trying to convince the world that he is not a racist, he made the case that he definitely is one.”

“Michael Sam probably isn’t good enough to make it in the NFL, but at least he got the chance to try.”

“It doesn’t bother me that Michael Sam got drafted, but the kiss was too much. That was unnecessary.”

“It looks like the city council and the neighborhood reached an amicable compromise. That is good.”

“That liberal twit Alec Baldwin attacked the New York police department after he got ticketed for biking the wrong way on a city street. Like most liberals, he thinks he deserves special treatment.”