Thomasville Times Enterprise

December 16, 2013

Back on board

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — A woman who held the position of Main street and Tourism executive director for six years has returned to the post.

Karen Smith is excited to be back on the City of Thomasville team.

“Having worked for the city before, I am familiar with many of the ideas that are included in the city’s new Strategic Plan. I hope my past experience will give us a jump-start moving forward, and I’m looking forward to the expanded role Main Street and Tourism will play in putting the new plan into place,” she said.

Smith was Main Street and Tourism executive director from 2006 to 2012. She left the position in 2012 to travel with her husband, Bobby.

“When I left the position back in 2012, I really planned to semi-retire and take some time to discover my next venture. Bobby was traveling extensively with his work, and we decided to take the opportunity to travel together. I enjoyed that brief hiatus, but this is an opportunity to really make a difference in our community. I’m just proud that I can be a part of it,” Smith explained.

A lifelong Thomas County resident of Thomas County, Smith has two sons, Marc Marchant, who resides in Kennesaw, and Matt Marchant, who along with his wife, Lindsay, and their daughter, Grace Ann, resides in Thomasville.

Thomasville Mayor Max Beverly said city government is equally excited about Smith’s return.

“She clearly understands the job, and I am pleased we will have her leadership as the Main Street and Tourism role expands. I know she will do a great job, and I really look forward to working with her in continuing to improve our city,” Beverly said.

Smith will report directly to City Manager Steve Sykes, which the mayor said shows the level of importance city officials feel about her role.

“She will head planning for the new event center, which will make a dramatic difference for not only downtown, but all of Thomasville,” Beverly said.

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