Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 10, 2014

New fee cuts Grady County EMS non-transport calls

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — At an August Grady County Board of Commissioners’ meeting, a proposal was made to lessen the amount of non-transport calls by the Grady Countu Ambulance Service — and it has proven successful.

EMS Director Billy Rathel presented the board with a proposal to implement a fee for non-transport calls.

He said, “Trying to cut back on cost is the goal.”

The non-transport calls would be billed in-house. It would be the responsibility of the person who called and was not transported to the hospital by the ambulance to cover the expense of the ambulance service.

A flat rate of $75 plus mileage was set for the three-month trial.

Now that it is the first of the year and the trial is over, the fee has proven to cut back on calls and costs for the Grady County Ambulance Service.

Rathel said, “For a three-month period, it cut our non-transport calls from 179 down to 100 calls for those three months. We want everyone to know we are still here for emergencies and don’t want anyone to hesitate in calling an ambulance if they have an emergency or unsure of what is going on with them.”