Thomasville Times Enterprise

June 25, 2012

Blue jeans turned into dream journals

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — On June 19,  officials of  the Thomas County Public Library held a craft workshop recycling used blue jeans, donated by Goodwill, into dream journals as part of their Teen Vacation Summer Reading  (VRP) program “Own the Night.”

Children participated in the “Sweet Dreams are Made of These” workshop, which taught participants how to create a dream journal from recycled blue jeans. The library encouraged the students to use the dream journal as a way to record their dreams and explore the meaning of them, while learning how to reuse material for crafts projects. Goodwill Industries-Big Bend Inc.’s Thomasville store at 15072 U.S. Hwy. 19 South, Thomasville, donated all of the jeans needed for the workshop.

  See Tuesday's edition for more details.