Thomasville Times Enterprise

November 24, 2012

Brazilian student enjoying Georgia

Kosha Patel

— As another school year begins, the Thomasville City Scholars Academy welcomes a new foreign exchange student:  Anderson Sena from Brazil.

Sena lives in Salvador, the third largest city in Brazil. He speaks Portuguese. It was very difficult for him to speak English, but he has improved significantly so far. 

 After living in a large city, he thinks that Thomasville and Moultrie are very different from his home. He currently lives with a local student, Cason Wells, and his family in Moultrie.

“My parents and some friends encouraged me to follow through with this program,” stated Sena. 

Having the support of his family and friends, Sena has come a long way.  He was ready to come to a new country because he was excited to learn a new language, make new friends and see new places. 

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