Thomasville Times Enterprise

December 7, 2012

Chain saws left behind on prison detail


— Inmates on a Thomas County Prison detail left equipment behind, but not by mistake.

Prisoners on a work detail off New Hope Road placed chain saws into a woodline, said Pascal Autrey, Thomas County Sheriff’s Office investigator.

A detail officer realized what had happened and notified the sheriff’s office. Cameras were installed at the site.

The chain saws were removed, but cameras got photographs of people going to the site in search of the equipment.

All prisoners on the work detail have been interviewed by investigators.

“It’s still ongoing,” Autrey said.

Anyone with information about the chain saws or the identity of the people in the photos is asked to call the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) at 225-3315.

If anyone who bought a piece of the equipment will come forward, they will not be arrested, the investigator said.

In other activity, a camera recorded a theft at a recycling facility on Old Cassidy Road.

  Anyone who can identify the person in the photo should call CID.

Autrey said the individual in the photograph was in possession of a firearm at one point.

“They came in the wee hours of the morning,” Autrey said.