Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 22, 2014

Man, 22, facing indecency charge

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — A 22-year-old Thomasville man was charged with public indecency after a 63-year-old woman told police the suspect exposed himself to her at Remington Park.

The victim said the suspect, Joenoris Elijah Taylor, told her to get in his vehicle with him a few minutes after 5 p.m. The woman feared Taylor might have a weapon and told him to wait a moment.

The victim called 911 and stayed on the line until police arrived.

A Thomasville Police Department incident reports says that when police arrived, the woman was visibly upset, shaking and crying.

The woman, who said Taylor masturbated in her presence in the passenger seat of his car, was transported to the Archbold Memorial Hospital emergency room because of a panic attack, the report says.

Taylor told police he did not know the woman and did not speak to her, but later told her hello.

When asked what he was doing in the park, Taylor, who was wearing pants, an undershirt and socks, told police he was cleaning out his car, a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta. The incident report says Taylor told officers he took off his shoes so he would not get his car dirty.

Marijuana residue was on the front of the undershirt Taylor wore, and, the report says, police found a plastic bag of the contraband in a shirt laying on the car console.

The suspect told officers he had smoked marijuana the night before and got marijuana on his undershirt when attempted to throw the drug away while cleaning out the vehicle.

The suspect, whose gave an address of 2035 E. Pine Tree Blvd., is charged with public indecency and misdemeanor marijuana possession.

 He was released Sunday from the Thomas County Jail on a $1,100 bond.

Thomasville police Chief Ellis Jackson said incidents such as the one at the park are rare in the community.

Police regularly patrol city parks.

Jackson also emphasized that park visitors should contact police if they see suspicious activity. 

“We are pleased to report that an arrest was made in this incident. We encourage our citizens to notify us if they suspect improper or illegal behavior. Our parks are an important resource for creating and sustaining a healthy, active community, and it’s important that we all work together to keep our parks safe,” Jackson said.

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