Thomasville Times Enterprise

June 26, 2012

Cairo conducts Fatherhood Initiative

Staff report

CAIRO — The Housing Authority of the City of Cairo sponsored its 2012 Fatherhood Initiative at the O. R. Williford Community Center.

The event provided activities to support the bonding of fathers and their children and connecting fathers to economic development resources. Officials said 40 participated and the numbers were down this year in comparison to last year but  it was called a success.

Resource providers this year included Thomas Barber Shop, Georgia Department of Labor, Grady County Health Department, Grady County School’s Parental Involvement, Southwest Georgia Technical College, Grady County Fire Department, Wal Mart, Aaron’s Rent, Wal Green, United National Bank and the Cairo Housing Authority’s Neighborhood Watch.  Members from the Neighborhood Watch were major volunteers.

They helped with the set-up, cooked all the food, served the participants, and worked where ever they were needed. 

The children played volley ball, football, Frisbee, and games from the Xbox 360 set-up by Aaron’s Rent.

The men visited each of the vendors’ table and collected information relating to employment, adult literacy and health related matters.

For information, contact John Marria executive director at 377-2065.