Thomasville Times Enterprise

February 26, 2014

Scouts hold successful food drive


THOMASVILLE — Early in February area Scouts conducted their annual Scouting for Food Drive. Based on results from previous years and knowing there were two less Scout groups participating organizers thought they would fall short of last year’s numbers by around 1,000 pounds.

They were in for a surprise when the counts came in and 5,915 pounds were collected. In 2013, the drive collected 6,071 pounds with eight Scout Groups participating and visited 3,500 households.

This year, six Scout groups visited only 2,800  households and the Thomasville neighborhoods made the difference.  Eight of the neighborhoods increased their average donation by about a half-pound to one and three-quarter pounds per household.

The Holly Springs neighborhood for the second year in a row is deemed the most generous averaging 4.75 pounds per household up from 4.12. Second most generous is Pine Summit averaging 3.46 pounds up from 1.99. In third is the Washington to Clay between Myrtle and Briarcliff area with 3.41 pounds up from 2.17 pounds.

Other noticeably improved neighborhoods include A Place in the Woods, Mitchell Place to Summer Creek, Puzzle Lake-Magnolia Pond and Myrtle drive to High Colony. The Most improved neighborhood is the Club Drive, Fairways, Oak Trace, Wimbleton area with 3.06 pounds per Household up from 1.30 in 2013.

The food drive started on Saturday, Feb. 1 when Scouts went to area neighborhoods and hung a food request bag on the front door. Saturday, Feb. 8, the Scouts returned to the neighborhoods to pick up the donations that were left in front of the homes.

The Scout groups that helped with the drive this year were Cub Scout Pack and Troop 309 sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who collected 534 pounds by visiting 462 households. Pack 316 and Troop 306 sponsored by the First United Methodist Church collecting 4,343 pounds visiting 1691 households. Pack 302 and Troop 302 sponsored by the Dillon Road Presbyterian Church collected 701 pounds visiting 247 households. Girl Scout Troop 40483 collected 289 pounds visiting 213 households. Girl Scout Troop 40588 which collected 29 pounds of food visiting 287 households. Last they outside donations turned in amounting to 19 pounds.

These donations were all brought to the Thomas County Food Bank and Outreach Center. The food bank serves more than 5,000 families each year. Each week they supply as many as 200 families with a weeks worth of groceries. To the food bank a family can be 1 person to 10. This never ending need in the community requires donations from may sources to keep this service available.

Janice Anderson, director of the food bank said the Scouts and their Scouting for Food Drive have become a reliable source that they look forward to each year.

More than 250 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts  Scout leaders and parents worked together to achieve the 5,915 pounds.

Scouts would like to thank the community’s neighborhoods for their generosity during this food drive, officials said.