Thomasville Times Enterprise

November 23, 2013

Boston Receives Grant for Old City Hall


BOSTON —  Historic Boston is restoring its old city hall building with considerable help from a family foundation.

The Boston Historic Preservation Commission received a $45,000 grant from William Howard Flowers Jr. Family Foundation to be used in preserving the town’s old city hall, considered to be a historic landmark.

Today, Boston Police Department is housed on the first floor of the structure, built in 1875, and Boston’s first City Hall.

The building has deteriorated and is in need of immediate repairs.

Charles Olson, a Thomasville preservation architect, estimated the cost of creating a “stable exterior envelope” for the brick structure will be $50,000.

The foundation grant, along with $5,000 the Boston community raised this year in an Historic Tour and Quilt Show, will allow work to begin soon on the roof, mortar and brick repairs, restoration of windows and doors and improved drainage.

With Olson’s help, the commission will begin selecting contractors in the next few weeks. Olson has urged the commission to spend no money on the interior until exterior work is done. Restoration of the interior will be addressed in a second phase.

Sandi Shaw, Historic Preservation Commission chairman, said, “The commission is fairly new, and the fact that we can communicate with the community about the importance of saving this one building will help ensure Boston doesn’t lose any more buildings.”

The commission is accepting donations, which are tax-deductible, for interior renovations. Donations should be sent to Thomasville Landmarks, Attention: Boston Preservation Fund, P.O. 1285, Thomasville, Ga. 31799.

For more information, contact Shaw at (816) 309-5131.