Thomasville Times Enterprise

November 23, 2013

Dr. Charlene Parrish Tells Truth About Dieting

Susanne Reynolds

THOMASVILLE — Some people go throughout their whole lives being on a diet and get nowhere with it. Without seeing results, people get discouraged or they begin seeing results, but hit a plateau and soon gain the weight back.

Dr. Charlene Parrish has recently written a book, “30 Pounds in 3 Weeks”, about her personal weight loss, how she did it and maintained it.

With over 30 years of experience with natural health research, the Thomasville resident holds a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, which she received 12 years ago. She is not a medical doctor, but considers herself an international sought after teacher, writer and healer.

The first sentence of her books is “I have been on a diet since third grade. That would be really funny if it were not so sad.” Parrish talks about her personal struggles dealing with her weight issues throughout her life and they way she viewed herself.

“This book really isn’t for people wanting to lose 5 pounds or 10 pounds. This book is for people like me who have tried everything,” said Parrish.

One experience with losing weight that Parrish remembers and talks about in the book is when she used to ride her bicycle in town. She recalled wearing her large orange hunter vest, helmet on top of her piles of curls and being 100 pounds heavier. Even though no one ever said anything, Parrish knew they were making fun of her. Today, as she rides her bike in town, she receives encouragement and is told she is doing a good job.

“30 Pounds in 3 Weeks” not only highlights Parrish’s experiences with losing weight and keeping it off, but gives testimonies from other people who have completed Parrish’s diet, favorite recipes and things she has tried that did not work.

As Parrish tells her story, she tells it in a southern way— much like she would while talking to someone one-on-one. However not only does her southern background shine through the text, but also her faith.

She said, “This is not a religious book, but I can’t separate my faith from my success. This book is about how I did it and have kept 100 pounds off for four years.”

With 30 pounds in 3 weeks seeming like a dramatic amount of weight to lose in such a short amount of time, Parrish commented on the safety of her diet.

“I would never share anything with others that was unhealthy. I consider myself much like the “cupbearers” in the Bible who tested the king’s wine before he did. I’ve tried it and it worked. I say that I’m the “cupbearer” throughout the book.

After going to her doctor numerous times and having blood work done, he told her to keep up what she was doing. Parrish is considered to be as healthy as a teenager.

Parrish believes she was called to shared her story of dramatic weight loss and not to make people do her diet.

“It is a “how to” book, but it’s more of a “how I did” book,” said Parrish.

Parrish is the owner of Sweet Basils, located at 2551 E. Pinetree Blvd. All of the health products mentioned in the book can be purchased there as well as copies of the book.

At the end of this month, The Bookshelf is celebrating the book launch of “30 Pounds in 3 Weeks” with a premiere book signing on Saturday, November 30, at 5 p.m. The event has no set ending time. Then again on January 11 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., Parrish will be signing books at Rayanne’s.