Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 6, 2014

Meigs protest gathering dampened by downpour

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — A Thursday gathering of citizens at Meigs City Hall was canceled when torrential rain fell on the town Thursday morning.

Citizens assembled at city hall Wednesday afternoon after Ed Rauls, Meigs police chief, was fired by Marsha Demoga, city manager.

Rauls said he did not know why he was fired. Demoga said she could not discuss personnel matters.

Early Thursday morning Rauls said the protest, which was to include picketing, would not take place.

Rauls could not be reached for comment later in the day about future picketing plans, if any.

Demoga did not return a Times-Enterprise phone call Thursday.

On Wednesday, Thomas County Sheriff’s Office deputies escorted city hall employees from the building to their cars when city hall closed early because of the assembly in the parking lot.

Demoga said Wednesday city hall would offer drive-through service today with police presence.

Sheriff’s office Capt. Chuck McDonald and two other officers were at the scene Wednesday.

McDonald said deputies will conduct normal patrols in Meigs. A deputy is always on duty in the Meigs area, McDonald said.

“We try to keep somebody north of the Ochlockonee River at all times,” the officer explained.

Officers would respond to regain order and control if needed.

“That was explained to everybody up there yesterday,” McDonald said.

McDonald said he told those gathered at city hall Wednesday they would accomplish more through legal and peaceful means than “a riotous manner.”

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