Thomasville Times Enterprise

February 6, 2014

MPMS conducts first art exhibit

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — MacIntyre Park Middle School held its first annual art exhibit, “Celebration of Art.”

The exhibit consisted of art in all possible forms —ranging from sculptures, sketches, masks and paintings. Its purpose was to bring public awareness of different types of art and all the possibilities art can bring. The student artists consisted of diverse individuals who have shown a deep interest in learning about visual arts.

Danica Willis, MPMS art teacher, and committee members decided on the theme of “Celebration of Art,” because the definition of the word “celebration.”

Willis said, “When I say celebrate, it can be anything that is meaningful to you. This is a celebration to show what the students have been working on all year.

“We are celebrating their accomplishments in art class and showing off their abilities. It is a chance for students to show their teachers and peers what they have been working on it class. The exhibit also gives the student a sense of what it would be like to have their art exhibit in a prestigious, professional art gallery.”

Committee member Monique Hall-Wyche felt that the art exhibit was motivational for the students and was an exciting time.

She said, “I believe art is a language that all people speak that cuts across racial, cultural, social, educational and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness.”

Another colleague, Deborah Anderson, said she believes the art helps students become more creative learners and learn how to think “out of the box.”

“You could see, when walking down the hallway, how proud the students were to see their work displayed. The smile which emitted across their face is a smile of pride. It was a beautiful scene,” she added.

The “Celebration of Art” exhibit represented approximately 95 percent of the students who have been enrolled or are currently enrolled in an art class. Committee members include Jennifer Shiver; 6th-grade English teacher; and Monique Hall-Wyche, 6th-8th grade Spanish teacher.

MPMS Principal Keith Alan Hose said, “This is positive exposure for our students. I just want to congratulate art teacher, Danica Willis, and her students for their work here.”

The exhibit will conclude today.