Thomasville Times Enterprise

June 23, 2012

Family members charged in assault

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — Thomas County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a Thursday incident at a U.S. East business to find an Adel man holding an ice pack over his beaten father’s eye.

The son, 27, told officers he and his father stopped to purchase gasoline. The father was pumping fuel when a black Durango pulled in front of the Adel vehicle and stopped.

Three men got out of the Durango and attacked the 48-year-old father, punching him in the face, throwing him against gasoline pumps and to the ground, an incident report shows. When the man fell to the ground, assailants kicked him.

When the son attempted to help his father, he was struck several times on the face.

Someone at the business got the Durango’s tag number and notified authorities. The vehicle was stopped at the intersection of Royal and Remington avenues.

Malcolm Jamall Cason, 19, and Marcus Deniro Cason, 21, both of 960 Remington, were arrested. The brothers are charged with aggravated battery, simple battery and criminal damage to property.

Warrants were issued Friday for the suspects’ father in connection with the incident. The father, Milton Bernard Cason, 46, also of the Remington Ave. address, was arrested Saturday. He is charged with the same offenses as his sons.

See Sunday's edition for more details.