Thomasville Times Enterprise

April 18, 2014

EMS asks students to ‘play it safe’

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — It is that time of year again for schools to have their proms and Thomas County EMS personnel are instilling safety into the minds of the students at Thomas County Central High School and Thomasville High School.

On Thursday, Thomas County EMS personnel visited both high schools to remind the junior and seniors to play it safe this weekend for their proms.

Paramedics and EMTs spoke to the students in the parking lots of the high schools telling them to buckle up when traveling, not just this weekend but, always. The students were also reminded of the importance of not drinking underage and not drinking and driving.

As a reminder, students, were given key chains. These serve as tokens to remind them of dangers of not playing it safe. A total of 508 key chains were given out during Thursday’s event.

The personnel encouraged the students to enjoy the night but stay safe while doing so. According to the personnel, the event will be considered a success when everyone returns home safely following the proms and other festivities.

Thomas County EMS is dedicated to injury and illness prevention as well as a prompt, professional and skillful response in the community’s times of need.