Thomasville Times Enterprise

February 9, 2013

Screenplay based on songwriter Branda's play

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — A play written by a Thomasville native is destined for production as a screenplay.

Motion picture and television production company 24/7 Productions Inc. in Los Angeles secured rights to develop a romantic/comedy feature film, “A Pink Carnation and A Pickup Truck,” based on an unpublished play written by songwriter Robin Branda.

Branda, a Thomasville High School graduate and former Times-Enterprise reporter, has long written for artists in the country music world, including Mark Chestnut, The Bellamy Brothers and Montgomery Gentry.

Branda’s 2001 song, “Daddy Won’t Sell the Farm,” went to No. 7 on Billboard charts, was on Montgomery Gentry’s debut platinum album and CMT’s No. 1 video.

He has written more than 120 songs, 14 of which were recorded by major and independent acts.

24/7 Productions Inc.’s CEO Jack Olesker is writing the screenplay for "A Pink Carnation and A Pickup Truck," based on Branda’s story, which was written as a three-act play.

A Pink Carnation and A Pickup Truck is set in a fictional Panama City, Fla.-type beach resort town.

See Sunday's edition for more details.