Thomasville Times Enterprise

December 11, 2012

Quigg claims firing gender based

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — A federal lawsuit filed on behalf of a former Thomas County Schools superintendent claims the plaintiff’s termination was based on her gender.

Dr. Jean Quigg’s lawsuit also claims she was discharged for opposing an employment practice made unlawful by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The suit was filed in Valdosta U.S. District Court by Quigg’s legal counsel, William Tinkler Jr., of Decatur, and Jerry a. Lumley, of Macon.

Quigg, whose contract was not renewed in early 2011, contends the Thomas County Board of Education had never appointed a female as superintendent and that a woman superintendent had never been hired by the school system.

The suit says Quigg was replaced by a male, who was treated differently in terms, conditions and privileges.

According to her contract, the school board was required to evaluate and assess in writing Quigg’s performance each June, the suits says.

If the board determined Quigg’s performance was unsatisfactory and needed improvement, the panel was required to describe in writing the unsatisfactory performance or areas needing improvement and include recommendations or directives as to how Quigg should improve her performance, the former superintendent contends.

According to the lawsuit, the board never notified Quigg of unsatisfactory performance or areas needing improvements.

However the suits says, the school board timely evaluates and assesses the performance of her male successor.

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