Thomasville Times Enterprise

November 22, 2013

YMCA volunteers seeking to boost sports participation

Susanne Reynolds

THOMASVILLE — Volunteerism is a huge part of the YMCA and keeps the non-profit organization successful.

Currently, the Thomasville YMCA has 10 volunteer coaches without any kids in their programs. Among the 10 is a brother and sister who have teamed up and volunteered their time and efforts to coach sports teams.

Kyle and Kaylee Shaver are not strangers to sports. Their father is Thomas County Central High School head football coach Bill Shaver.

Kyle Shaver has been coaching at the YMCA since the fall of 2011. He has coached 9- and 10-year-old football for two years, 11- and 12-year-old football for one year and 11- and 12-year-old baseball for one year.

He said, “There really are a lot of reasons that I like coaching at the Y, but the main one is what the Y stands for. It is a great place for any child in Thomasville or Thomas County to come have a good time playing a sport that they enjoy.”

Kyle Shaver grew up playing virtually every sport at the YMCA. He eventually moved away, but his work allowed him to return to Thomasville.

He said, “I knew that I wanted to be a part and give back to a program that I enjoyed so much while growing up. Also, the Y staff is great to work with. Finally, coaching is in my blood and, since I am not able to coach at the school, I can get my fix at the Y and have a good time doing it.”

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