Thomasville Times Enterprise

November 16, 2012

B-17 seats remain

Staff report

THOMASVILLE — Seven seats are available on a World War II B-17 aircraft at Thomasville Regional Airport Monday morning.

The plane, which will arrive about 9 a.m., will provide three rides, with nine passengers on each.

Seats on two trips have been sold, along with two on the third trip.

The cost is $450.

Mike Woodham, airport manager, said an agreement was reached with the Liberty Foundation, an historical organization that restores World War II vintage planes to flying condition, to bring the aircraft to Thomasville.

The plane was the star aircraft in the 1900 movie, “Memphis Belle.”

Boeing manufactured more than 12,000 B-17s during World War II. Almost half were lost in combat. Only nine airworthy B-17s Flying Fortresses are left in the United States.

Anyone interested in purchasing a remaining seat on the Monday flight should contact Woodham at 224-2428.