Thomasville Times Enterprise

June 18, 2014

Marshall withdraws candidacy

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — A Boston man who says he was making progress in a quest to seek a Thomas County Commission seat as an Independent withdrew from the effort Wednesday.

About noon Wednesday, Ed Marshall notified Walter Mays, Thomas County elections supervisor, that he would no longer pursue the candidacy.

Marshall’s effort was to get his name on the November general election ballot to oppose Hershel Ansley, the Democratic incumbent District 5 county commissioner.

“Hershel Ansley will go into office with no opposition,” Mays said. “He’ll be the District 5 county commissioner for the next four years.”

Marshall, who retired more than two years ago, said he gave up the effort when his wife decided recently to retire in July. The couple vowed a long time ago to devote time to activities they enjoy when both retired.

The next time the District 5 commission seat is up for re-election, Marshall might consider another try.

Meanwhile, he will monitor Ansley’s actions on the commission. “I am a big believer in destiny,” Marshall explained.

Commenting on Marshall’s withdrawal, Ansley said, “I hope he will be my friend and back me up instead of being against me.”

Had he pursued the candidacy, Marshall would have paid a $108 candidate qualifying fee on Friday, June 27, and submitted a notice of candidacy, Mays said.

By the close of the day on Thursday, July 8, Marshall would have been required to present a petition containing signatures of five percent of District 5 registered voters. Elections office personnel would have verified that each person who signed was registered to vote in the district.

Mays would have verified to the Georgia secretary of state’s office that Marshall had met requirements.

“I actually had all the signatures I needed,” Marshall told the Times-Enterprise Wednesday afternoon.

Pointing out apathy among voters and resulting low voter turnouts, Marshall, who regularly attends county commission meetings, said he will continue to go to the meetings and address commissioners on matters he considers important.

Marshall will use money he had set aside for a political campaign for “activism” on issues.

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