Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 1, 2014

Wayne J. Dalby


— Wayne J. Dalby passed away on Dec. 27, 2013, at his home in Ochlocknee. By his side were his loving wife, Nancy, and dear friend, Lynda Rodman. Wayne was born on June 14, 1936, in Elgin, Ill. Wayne grew up a hard-working farm boy. Taking care of the animals instilled a deep respect and love for all creatures. He attended school in Huntley, Ill., where he excelled at football. He became a bit of a musician, learning to play the ukulele and the dobro. Wayne vigilantly served his country during the Korean War era. He was based in Fort Riley, Kan., with the fames Super Sixth. He spent a year in Greenland. It was when working in the infantry he incurred a permanent hearing disability. Wayne had many rewarding careers: First the owner of a successful stone masonry business in New Port Richey, Fla. It was here he met Nancy. Later as they traveled, he worked on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, the shrimp boats in coastal Alabama and ran tugboats along the Mississippi River. Wayne may not have been known in town by his name. But you could not miss his physical presence: Tall, tan, long hair, beard and shorts. No matter the weather, he wore his short-shorts. He was always in the company of his wife, Nancy. Their favorite lunch spot was the Plaza Restaurant. The two were seldom, if ever, seen apart. Wayne’s heart was an open heart, and he responded in work to his community when he saw a need. When he and Nancy lived in Alabama, they joined Post 44, and Foley Alabama Post 99. He was a lifetime member of the DAV. They both painstakingly donated many hours to raise funds for the Disabled American Veterans, the American Legion and Salvation Army. With Wayne’s beard sprayed white, he was a natural to play Santa for these organization’s Christmas parties. They also visited the nursing home and homeless shelters in their rounds. He made sure no one was forgotten. As he gave out gifts and big hugs, Wayne shed many a tear for those men and women who were alone. Wayne was a man of deep spiritual belief and faith. He loved all people and animals. And his love for his dog Angel knew no measure. With his twinkling blue eyes, warm genuine smile and easy relaxed manner, he was a friend to one and all. And he was always eager to share the blessings of the Lord. Wayne is survived by his wife, Nancy; his sister, Diane Wunsh; his dear friend, Carol Olson, mother of his children; daughter, Sherri Blackmon; stepdaughter, Linda Cote; grandchildren, Philip, Blake, and Tia, Caleb, Nicholas, Holly, Bethany, Alison, Joey, Stephen, Quinn and Devin Quinn; 12 great-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews. Wayne is predeceased by his mother, Isabelle; father, Aage Dalby; two sons, Brian and Daniel; and a stepson, Joe Balnis. Nancy and the family would like to thank the members of Hospice in Thomasville. Their care and tenderness comforted Wayne so. She is eternally grateful to all the wonderful people who helped. Wayne requested that his ashes be scattered along the Kishaukee River in Illinois, a place where he spent his happiest childhood days, fishing and trapping, where he would have his final peace and rest. The blessings God has given us in this man Wayne J. Dalby. May we remember him and always be grateful for the gifts he left us in our memories. A man who is thoughtful and kind, who reflects the gentle strength of the Lord he humbly serves . . . A friend who listens with his heart and understands the importance of just being there with a tender touch and smile . . . A husband who shares with love and faith making it a joy and honor to stand by him . . . A father who with honesty, integrity, and sacrifice sets the example for his children and grandchildren whom he so dearly loved. — Allen & Allen Funeral Home