April 5, 2014

Rant & Rave for April 6

April 5, 2014 CNHI

“I am so tired of the Thomasville Building and Code Enforcement Department throwing its weight around. A permit is required to do just about anything, even to your own property! Even local government is out of hand.”

“Perhaps it is not Randy Young's writing that has matured to the point you agree with it. Perhaps you are finally beginning to see the light.”

“President Obama has the oil companies drilling everywhere. We are producing more oil and gas than we have ever before. Evidently, the Republicans lied when they said prices would go down if we started producing more oil and gas.”

“To the ranter who said, ‘Despite his approval ratings, President Obama really is working for the best interest of all the people:" Are we to derive from this that if he wasn't working for the people, his approval ratings would be higher? This type of liberal thought process is what put a community organizer into the office in the first place.”

“Kudos to Barbara Collins and her article regarding the governor and Southwestern State Hospital. I saw no mention of the new facility to be built in Valdosta. Anyone bothered to follow the money trail on this?”

“I hope Gov. Deal loses. We do have another option this year, and I’m not talking about Jimmy Carter’s grandson.”

“Many of the people who signed up for Obamacare had their insurance plans canceled, so they had nowhere else to go. The president accomplished nothing other than to injure the financial well-being of a lot of Americans.”

“The congressman who thinks he doesn’t make enough money is welcome to swap jobs with me.”

“Do you wonder if the politicians are out of touch with their constituents? Well, wonder no more. Democrat Jim Moran of Virginia is whining that he hasn’t had a raise in three years. Big whoop! I haven’t had one in six or seven years and I don’t make anything close to $174,000 a year.”

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