Thomasville Times Enterprise

April 8, 2014

Rant & Rave April 9


— “I want to compliment the writer of the Sunday article, ‘Are you living a life that is holy?’ That’s very good, and I appreciate him being brave enough to point that out. Some people are afraid of the word ‘holy’ because God is holy and the Bible is holy. Hebrews 12:14 says, ‘Without holiness, no man will see the Lord,’ so we all need to be holy to go to heaven.”

“To the Obama zombie who said Obama is letting oil companies drill everywhere: That is not true. All the drilling is happening on private land, not public land. Obama has shut down 50 percent of the drilling on public land.”

“Sunday’s column by Ben Carson was so good that I emailed it to a relative in Nebraska who is also a fan. When is Dr. Carson going to make a declaration whether or not he is going to run for president and where can I send him some financial report?”

“I hope this warning about texting includes government employees. It shouldn’t be just for the general public.”

“So how do all you hard-line Christians feel about GOP party leaders standing in line for money from the world's richest gambling tycoon? Seems a little two-faced to me. Oh, and Mr. Adelson wants to set foreign policy in the Middle East, too. Obviously, money and intelligence are not synonymous.”

“I really thought there could not be a woman on the public scene any dumber than Sarah Palin. I was wrong. Susan Brown is easily her equal. Wouldn't her columns be better suited right below Snuffy Smith on the TTE comics page?”

“Why won’t Michelle Nunn debate her fellow Democrats?”