Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 27, 2014

Rant & Rave for March 28


— “Thank God for Randy Young having the courage to tell the truth about the connection between failing students and parents who fail their children.”

“It is great to see that Brookwood students are going to soon have some of the opportunities for STEM education and Odyssey of the Mind that have been available for years to students in both local public school systems.”

“Is it just me or has Harry Reid gone off the deep end?”

“Randy, please get a burr under your saddle more often.”

“It’s time to eliminate the senior year from high school. Let the students who are going on to college go. Let those who are going on to technical school go. Let those who want to go to work go. Let those who aren't going to do anything do it someplace else. Might be some resistance from football coaches and prom queens, but there would be more space in the school, too.”

“Randy Young's article about parents doing their children a disservice was outstanding. Mr. Young hit the nail on the head! What an accurate and well-written article. Thank you for writing it and sharing it!”

“Once again, the Georgia politicians have outdone themselves. $17 million of our tax dollars thrown away on the Atlanta Falcons. Everyone of them that voted for this farce should be removed from office. If the Falcons or any other sports team want to be financed by taxpayers, they need to go to some other state to do it.”