Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 20, 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama fishing out of left side of boat


— Sixty-three thousand bridges are in bad shape, needing repair, not counting the roads all over America.

President Obama knows this, yet he gave millions upon millions of dollars to do what? Pay back the high money givers to keep the Democratic Party elected and solvent. Many of the green so-called energy companies that got millions went belly-up and no one knows where the money went. My guess is the pockets of big contributors.

Roosevelt put the WPA to work, paid by the federal government. A shining example is the hand-laid bricks on Broad Street.

Millions of dollars were paid to WPA workers and they, in turn, spent it in American stores. He did not give or print money to put America to work.

Obama could have been the most famous president of the U.S., yet he chose the left side of the boat to fish out of, and just look were he is — blaming Bush and the Republicans.

Alex J. Mansfield