Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 1, 2014

Rant & Rave for May 2


— “At least George W. Bush was elected governor of the second-largest state in the country. Obama was just a community organizer.”

“The folks who are pushing for more noisy events downtown — fireworks, street dances, concerts — are not people who live downtown. They go home to nice, quiet neighborhoods and can get to bed early in peace and quiet.”

“Liberalism might be a jealous god, but Jesus was very liberal and wouldn't tolerate what is going on inside the churches today. I wonder how many conservatives would condemn Jesus today. One thing — God loves gay people, and you conservatives hate that.”

“Using the term ‘Uncle Tom’ is just as bad as using the N-word. The black community needs to know this.”

“I hope everyone takes the time to vote. I encourage everyone to check out all the candidates' qualifications for serving in the office pursued. If there is no evidence of moral character, please do not vote for them regardless of their claims. America cannot survive if we keep sending poorly qualified, immoral and dishonest officials to represent us.”

“Throughout our history, we've been, for the most part, Christians. The good Lord has allowed us to thrive because of it. Obama and too much of our society are not Christians. We're being punished for that. I can't say it any plainer, so let's try to vote him out and get back to our Christian heritage.”

“Jameis Winston’s is more elusive off the field than he is on it.”