Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 31, 2014

Rant and Rave for Feb. 1


— “Joe Gandelman’s column in Thursday’s paper stated that the GOP engineered the government shutdown. That is a complete falsehood. It is well documented that Obama and Reid decided to let the shutdown occur as a pure political move.”

“I’d like to give a big pat on the back to my paper girl, Christy Manning. In all this cold weather, she was right on time. She’s just such a wonderful little girl to work so hard and I am so proud of her. Our apartment complex appreciates her. She will never know how much it means to us.”

“I am waiting to hear y’all blame Barack Obama for Atlanta breaking down in the storm.”

“If Obama was any kind of president at all, he would be for our country. He wouldn’t be for dragging people over here to take care of or to allow people to stay here illegally. We’ve always taken care of everybody else. It is time to take care of home.”

“I’m proud of our drug squad. I think it does an excellent job. I think people should pat those guys on the back. I don’t know too many of you who would do what they do, and do it right. I am also proud of the Times-Enterprise. At least it tells the truth and doesn’t avoid questons or answers.”

“What is it called when white people deny that there is any racism?”