Thomasville Times Enterprise

February 1, 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Judging by color handy ‘club’ in disagreements


— The “Paper should leave race references out” was the title of a very well-written guest opinion in the Times-Enterprise recently. Many readers will have additional thoughts and ideas about the matters put forth. I’ll mention a few.

People have connections in their countries of origin and, in the case of crime, drug trafficking or terrorism, that knowledge can be critical to our safety. Therefore, national origin is critically necessary public information.

Socialist societies have historically used race in controlling their populations and, increasingly, this is occurring in America where we have such efforts as Black (Only) History Month, hate crime laws almost exclusively applied against only one race and a renaming of races as to continent of origin. (Hitler’s socialist, dictatorial government did the same thing, favoring Aryans over all others.)

Judging one by the content of one’s character is generally the way it is done in Thomasville. You open the door for me in the post office and I open one for you. I donate to the Salvation Army and the food bank, and you do the same. Neither of us wants anyone, no matter of what stripe, to go hungry or cold.

But when it comes to national edicts, which we, unfortunately, have to live with,  — they do affect us, you know — we get all sorts of political messages parroted by some locals who are so consumed by racial matters and politics that they dream of depriving the rest of us our Constitutional right to free speech (and information) while they support shortcomings and idiocies put forward in our nation’s capitol — their minds and tongues frozen solidly to pie-in-the-sky ideas and programs. And they do not care what level of suffering they produce. “The ends justify the means,” apparently even if the end achieved was not the end aimed for and it harmed the recipient, just as long as it makes the instigator feel morally and politically superior.

So let’s face it: judging everyone by the color of his or her skin is the new political norm and a handy political “club“ to be used against one’s opponents in any disagreement.”

Jack Pope