February 19, 2014

Rant & Rave for Feb. 20

February 19, 2014 CNHI

— “Thank God above for a little bit of humor in Wednesday’s Rant of the Day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“You don’t have much to do if you’d rather watch ‘Honey Boo Boo’ instead of the political stuff on TV.”

“When did communists start calling themselves progressive Democrats?”

“Highway 111 from the Georgia-Florida line all the way to Cairo is so littered with trash that it could make you cry. Shame on Grady County!”

“I'm more worried about the economy and jobs than Obamacare. If this is the only thing that Republicans can talk about, then their party should come up with a better idea about health insurance. I'm also worried about crime in this area. It seems like it's increasing.”

“You say 26 percent of the people don't know the earth revolves around the sun. Are most in Washington and think the earth revolves around them?”

“There’s too much ranting about what somebody else is doing. If everybody would clean up his own house, everybody’s house would be clean.”

“Many parents are not living up to their end of the educational bargain. They need to hold their kids accountable and make sure they understand the importance of studying.”

“If kids don’t come to school prepared to learn, there isn’t much a teacher can do. Some kids don’t even try.”


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