Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 21, 2014

Rant & Rave for March 22


— “To the ranter complaining about the pollen: It’s Bush’s fault.”

“The Republicans have been drinking the resentment poison and have been hurting themselves slowly, slowly, slowly.”

“No, Grady County does not need to vote on legalizing marijuana. Despite user claims of it being harmless, it is not. It has been shown to do permanent damage to the brain and lead to the use of harder drugs. And despite the fact you might feel you have the ‘right’ to use it, your second-hand smoke can damage those around you who don't want to use it. It is their ‘right’ to not have that happen.”

“To the ranter who laments Georgia voting in Republicans who are ruining the state: How about hearing from you about this nation voting in Democrats, who are destroying the country? If you think things are bad under Republican domination, what do you think would happen under Democrats?”

“I think the two county commissioners, Baker and Gross, owe the city cemetery staff a personal apology. The staff and the past inmate crews have done a great job over the past years.”

“Grady County doesn’t need to legalize marijuana. Sunday alcohol sales is bad enough.”