Thomasville Times Enterprise

March 27, 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It really is just a dream


— Our president wants to give amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens, give them jobs and start a guest worker program. Right? We have millions of our own unemployed.

We need a no-worker program for them. Automatic citizenship? They have babies every year. Who pays for them? U.S. citizens! When a U.S. citizen has a baby, it could cost upward of $50,000.

I keep hearing about the American dream. I am a 60-year-old Army brat. My father was in the military the first 15 years of my life. He spent half of those years overseas in wars. He spent the other half in the field training young me to fight in wars.

Most wars are because of one country invading another. Twenty million illegals — no invasion here!

The American dream? I don’t know what it is. I’m still looking for it.

I keep hearing that we are the richest nation on earth. Rich? We have money to take care of millions of illegals. We have billions to send to another country to help against an invasion by Russia. But we have to borrow money from China to take care of our own people, U.S. citizens. We are so rich we are trillions of dollars in debt.

I used to be dead set against all those illegals being here. I finally figured it out — the America dream! We pay for everything and get nothing. So if being a U.S. citizen means they have to pay their fair share, then, by all means, let them stay.

Let them lose everything they worked for, too. Your job, your house, etc., etc.

The great American dream.

When you are a U.S. citizen, you are forgotten. Dream on.

Eva Barnett