April 3, 2014

Rant & Rave for April 4

April 3, 2014 CNHI

— “Raises for teachers? How about raising student achievement to what it was in the 1960s? Paying high salaries doesn’t help. Ask Washington, D.C., educators. They have the highest salaries and lowest achievement.”

“The president is a joke, and that should be on the front page everyday. But nobody is laughing.”

“When people can’t get their way, they start talking bad about President Barack Obama. What a shame.”

“Randy Young’s article ‘Giving credit’ was excellent. He is to be commended for the way he writes. I also enjoy Walter Williams. I enjoy his column every time it is in the paper. Thank you for having people like this in the paper.”

“I think our incompetent governor is trying to get re-elected by throwing teachers a bone. After all these years, he decides to give folks a raise during an election year. I hope people aren’t fooled by this.”

“The NRA and the Republicans are busy pushing the Second Amendment and guns. There are too many unstable Americans in this country for everyone to carry a gun and have guns. Something needs to be done.”

“Julie Spence wrote an excellent letter to the editor in Saturday’s paper. She is an excellent pre-K teacher and her love for her students shows in her article.”

“Rev. Jones fails to mention all the problems with Obamacare.”

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