February 18, 2014

Rant & Rave for Jan. 19

February 18, 2014 CNHI

“Since we have a new sports writer, I hope he will remember that this area loves the Atlanta Braves. Please keep us posted on them. A lot of us shut-ins really enjoy watching their games and we love to read about them, too.”

“I have an idea. Let’s publish Rev. Jones’ articles in the paper on Monday. Could that be arranged?”

“That’s the thing about liberals  — always starting fires, then forgetting how to call 911.”

“I've noticed several times that I have sent a rant and it is never put in the column. Could it be because I'm a progressive Democrat complaining about the lies that the Republican Party is putting in the Times-Enterprise? The newspaper needs to remember that Democrats also pay to read the newspaper.”

“Rev. Jones, you cannot say that the term ‘grow up’ is never an insult. I envy that it is such a complimentary term for you, but when I hear it, it is quite offensive. Be more open-minded, or should I say, ‘grow up.’”

“There is no acceptable substitute for the truth. The problems of Obamacare are being proven daily. Obama is conceding to acknowledge said problems by changing the law 28 times since its passage in 2010. The American people should not be forced to participate by financing this huge travesty of justice.”

“Parents love to blame teachers when their child fails. What about raising your child to be responsibility and come to class prepared?”

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