Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 5, 2013

OUR OPINION: Keown ready for the job

Times-Enterprise Editorial Board

— Because the federal government continues to careen out of control toward financial disaster, our state needs common-sense leadership now more than ever. There is no time for on-the-job training.

Georgia Senate District 11 would be wise to send its most experienced candidate to Atlanta to combat the relentless governmental malpractice that is taking place in Washington and trickling back to the state. We believe Mike Keown is the man for the job.

Unabashedly conservative and unyielding in his principles, Keown would be a senator who would not be content to sit idly by and allow Georgia to constantly get run over by the train of tyranny that departs our nation’s capitol on a daily basis.

Keown wants the same things most people in the district want — a highly educated citizenry, plenty of good-paying jobs and access to quality health care — and he is game to fight for them. He is also a vocal proponent of the Second Amendment and the right of unborn babies to live.

The difference between Keown and the rest of the field in Tuesday’s special election is that he possesses the most skills, savvy and knowledge to help see that the district’s goals are achieved in a way that won’t bust the state’s budget.

After serving six years in the Georgia House, Keown is familiar with the inner workings of state government. His resume also includes stints as a small-town mayor and board of education member.

Some, including at least one of his opponents, have called Keown a career politician because of his previous public service, his 2010 quest to unseat U.S. Second District Congressman Sanford Bishop and his 2012 Thomas County Commission race. We reject that notion completely.

Keown deserves applause for taking on Bishop during the height of the contentious debate over the Affordable Health Care Act. He stunned the political establishment by coming within a whisker of unseating the longtime incumbent and becoming the district’s first GOP congressman. The enhanced knowledge and skills he gained during that fierce battle would serve him and the district greatly.

Someone needs to stand up and lead the resistance to federal edicts that are harmful to Georgia and Senate District 11. Keown can and will do it if given that opportunity.