Thomasville Times Enterprise

May 24, 2014

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dems leading us to heaven or hell?


— Today’s “progressive” Democrats are either the most inept people in the world or they are out to destroy America. I am not sure which.

They have twice furnished a presidential candidate whose administration is also inept, or, God forbid, hell-bent on the destruction of what was handed down to us — the greatest nation the earth has seen yet.

Is it greed, or is it a hunger to transform into an earthly paradise, that motivates them to convince themselves that mankind, with all its faults, can divest itself of its basic instinct for (Eve- and Adam-like) biting the apple and arrive at utopia, El Dorado or some Aquarian age? Whatever it is, nothing achieved so far would convince any homo sapien (wise and thinking “man”) that such schemes have brought our country to that heaven on earth (or is it a hell?) that progressives are riding roughshod over common sense to achieve. Only one thing seems certain — far too many people have been pinocchioed into buying what they are selling.

Like the Pied-Pipered children of Hamelin, Democrats have blindly supported the actions of their progressive-in-chief, whose spokespersons invariably point to the great one as being the one behind, and in charge of, everything his administration does — until it becomes obvious things didn’t work out. Then we learn he was not there, didn’t do it, didn’t know about it, disapproves of it and most certainly will get to the bottom of it. However, he never does anything about it, which leaves one with the distinct impression that either he can’t be bothered with results, or he is quite content with what they happen to be.

All of this should remind us of the Soviet-era Russian biologists who came up with unscientific ideas about how agriculture could be improved, some of which, when mandated for general use, ended up being a small part of the failed socialist scheme that destroyed Russia, creating even greater misery for the Russian people. (It would seem there is a lesson there, which when applied to what is known about what helps people operate best — freedom, would equate current progressive ideals with those of unscientific Soviet-era Russian biologists; and the results of the progressive machinations are proving to be just as dismal for the American people.)

Russian Soviet Premier Kruschev said that the community of Russia would bury us. Today, he is most likely laughing at our lunacy, somewhere — in heaven or hell?

Please, Lord, show us some mercy.

Jack Pope