Thomasville Times Enterprise

January 29, 2014

Rant & Rave for Jan. 30


— “The next thing Mrs. Hehn will want is for television stations not to show scenes of murderers in court, less their race be revealed.”

“What do white people mean when black people play the race card? Explain that to me.”

“The article on Mike Bobo was really good, but I believe if you looked at his diploma it would read 1993 and not 1992.”

“Obama says roads and bridges aren't being built because of red tape. What he should say is that there is actually no money, which is ironic since he spent $900 billion on 'shovel-ready' infrastructure only four years ago — or so we thought. The interstate system cost a fraction of that. Perhaps the unions could tell us where all that money went.

“I’m sure the Times-Enterprise published what law enforcement said. It seems like this lady has a problem with the First Amendment. It seems like she is supposed to have her opinion, but the newspaper can’t publish a reference to someone’s color. She might be a nice lady but, in the world live in, there is nothing wrong with publishing someone’s race. That’s part of someone’s description and there is nothing wrong with publishing it.”

“In the 65 minutes that Obama used to give a worn-out State of the Union Address, our national debt grew by $120.3 million and the federal government spent $455.7 million.”